Choose the Vibrant Look of Luxury Vinyl Tile in Colorado Springs, CO

luxury vinyl tile in colorado springs, coWhen you’re seeking a dazzling new flooring update for your home, the choices are varied. There are many styles for use throughout your residence. You could put wood in the living room and porcelain tiles in the bathroom and carpet in the bedroom, or you could select luxury vinyl tile in Colorado Springs, CO.

It’s so versatile, stylish, and durable, and it comes in so many forms that you can install it anywhere. At The Floor Trader of Colorado Springs, we have a vast inventory to choose from and our team will help find the right type for you.

A Choice that Matches Your Tastes Exactly

The beauty of vinyl is that it replicates a range of different flooring materials. It comes in options which look like wood planks or stone or a stylish modern design. Whatever you are seeking you can find it in luxury vinyl tile floor. No matter which type you select it all stands up to the wear and tear of daily traffic very well and requires very little maintenance.

In addition to looking great, vinyl provides a level of insulation for heating and cooling benefits while also reducing the amount of noise which travels into rooms with vinyl floors. So it helps you save money on your energy expenses and provides a sense of quiet relaxation and calmness. And when you couple that calmness with the comfort provided with resilient vinyl it becomes one of those win-win situations everyone craves.

You Get Just What You Want

Luxury vinyl tiles have almost limitless design options which means you not only get the flooring you want, you get it with the flair and pattern you wish. The skills of our experienced preferred installers ensure your tiles are placed in truly unique designs. As a result, you will love your new floor and it will be the envy of all who see it. Best of all you won’t have to find the time to do it yourself.

A Place for Everything

There is great versatility in where you can place vinyl flooring. If you want the look of hardwood in your bathroom you can take that step with confidence as our vinyl planks are water resistant, and along with that our installers make sure the seams are sealed, and the tiles are cut and placed properly. Luxury vinyl tiles floor installation is an art if it’s done well, and our preferred installers are very artistic.

Contact us to learn more about our selection of vinyl flooring. We proudly serve Colorado Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Security, and Widefield, CO, and the surrounding areas.